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I will never forget how empty my mind was when I was first given the theme of Space to do with infants. It was as empty as space itself. I didn’t know where to start with five-year-olds. How much will they know? How much of the information will be way beyond their comprehension? Will it be fun? I needn’t have worried. Every June when we look back on the year, Space is the most memorable topic! If you’ve not tried it yet with your class then what are you waiting for?


The Space Station

The Space Station. Oh the space station! The boundaries are limitless with a roll of black paper and some tin foil! The images here are some of the space stations that I have made over the years. All a little different but all achieve the same positive reaction from the children.

poiuyt (3)

I used to use black backing paper (when I was in a lovely school that supplied that stuff!) but I then discovered plastic table cloths! Much cheaper, slightly more durable and do the same job! I normally pick them up in a good party shop or discount shop like Mr Price. Silver paper comes in handy but tin foil will be your best friend! Wrap everything in black or silver! Get an old laptop, a phone, make some button control panels (I used the casing from a tray of buns, I spray-painted it silver and stuck some coloured card on it for each button) and you’re ready for launch.

Other Items & Resources

Some other items I have picked up along the way are space suits. You can get them in a few places but I would recommend these ones from Amazon. We made space helmets from cardboard boxes (and again tin foil is your best friend for this topic). Finally, you can get loads of downloadable resources from Twinkl.

poiuyt (2)
poiuyt (4)


Small World

Unfortunately, I have found Small World space resources nearly impossible to come by. I have managed to pick them up by sheer luck over the last few years, but never when I actually need them! I have seen a few great small world areas where the small world figures have been made by the children either with play-doh or along the lines of Junk Modelling. I have managed to spy some nice bits from Early Years Resources  in more recent times. If you are a tuff tray owner, one of these lunar landscape inserts would be an amazing addition to your Space-themed Small World. I will get myself one someday, but for now tin foil remains my best friend!


Super Smelly Alien Play-Doh

What infant class doesn’t like making a mess? And what better way to make it than by making play-doh? We used the book ‘The Super Smelly Alien’ as our inspiration for making play-doh and while it wasn’t (thankfully) super smelly, it was lots of fun.

Slide4How we made it:

1 cup of flour

1/2 cup of water

1/4 cup of salt

Few drop of food colouring

Glitter (optional)

Mix the salt and flour together. Add 1/2 the water and some food colouring and kneed well. Gradually add the rest of water and food colouring until you have the desired consistency and colour. Mix in some glitter (optional)

We used some extra accessories to help us make aliens!


The Store

You can download a full month of Aistear plans for the topic of Space in our resources store here.

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