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Myself is always my first topic in September. I have found that because there is so much that is familiar to the children, it is comforting to new Junior Infants coming in. They can easily relate to themselves and their family and are familiar with the concept of a home corner.


Home Corner

Our home corner is simple and the children love to roleplay as mammy and daddy. It is closely linked to our traditional tale of Goldilocks And The Three Bears which we always cover in September.

Generally for September I don’t have too much of my typical Aistear structure. As the new Junior infants are not in for a full day for a few of the weeks and everything is so new to them anyway, I generally have the activities set out but they are free to move between them as they wish. As we move on to our next topic, more structure will follow during Aistear time.

For Senior Infants, there is a lot of learning to be gained from the home corner. It is a lovely way to teach them simple household chores such as setting the table and you will quickly gains fans in all the mummies!

Construction stations are easily linked to the topic of home and one of the firm favourites with Lego is to build a house! I frequently do junk modelling within this topic as well as some fine motor-focused stations such as play-doh.


The Store

You can download a full month of Aistear plans for the topic of Myself in our resources store here.

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