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Directed Art Frog Drawing

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I had never heard of Directed Drawing¬†before, but it is exactly as it sounds – you direct the children in their drawing. While some might complain, claiming its not art, my reply would be this: come in to an infant room, where most children’s first response is ‘I cant draw that’ or ‘I don’t know how to draw that’, and see their faces light up with confidence and pride when they succeed in drawing it and only then complain about directed art.



While I’m sure we all try to explain to our infants that all they need to do is try and, even if their picture doesn’t resemble in the slightest what they have tried to draw, it is still wonderful and amazing, sometimes they just want to draw it ‘properly’. So every now and then I do directed art with them and they love it! The directed art in this post was created during the topic of Spring and I got the directions from Art For The Class


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